Transform those jeans. Sounds like old news right? That’s because it is. But this time we’re starting a movement. It’s a little rumble, grumpy people sick of the ride. Wanna get off. Wanna do a short gratifying little task in front of the TV. Wanna become someone ‘crafty’. Wanna start a business. Wanna stop crocheting effing flowers for the pile under the bed. Make me instead. I carry things from A to B with pockets.

Bag details
The POLP website contains all of the resources needed to make our product. No experience necessary. We encourage limitless customisation of our original pattern and would love to see our product evolve and change through the creative interpretations of each and every maker. 
The original bag is fully reversible, washable and has an inbuilt pocket deep enough to keep your phone safe. Alternative versions include key hooks, and zipped inner pockets. The bag has been made to fit a 13” laptop in easily, and with the adjustable strap it is possible to change the length at which the bag will hang - From long shoulder bag to short handbag. 
We encourage the use to denim jeans, as the fabric is durable, non-stretchy and can withstand dirt!

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